Me & My Big Mouth

Open mouth . . . insert foot. Don’t we all wish we could avoid that scenario? This 4-week group will discuss how our words can get us into all kinds of trouble but explore together how we can learn to keep our big mouths in check.

5 Things To Grow Your Faith

Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence that God was with you? This 5-week group will unpack how God uses five things to grow your faith.

(This group is for women only.)

Who Needs God

Who needs God? Perhaps nobody. Perhaps everybody. Perhaps we should talk about it. This 6-week conversation is open to all backgrounds and points of view, where our goal is to discover some of the answers ourselves.

(This group is for men only.)

What Happy Couples Know

In this 4-week series, Andy unpacks what happy couples have in common. In every marriage both people have hopes, dreams, and desires for the relationship. But how do we keep them from turning into expectations for each other to fulfill?

Current Message

This group follows along and discuss the current week's message as broadcasted on North Point Live each Sunday.

Starting Point

Starting Point is an 8-week gathering where your questions about God turn into a conversation about faith. In a Starting Point group, you can discuss your doubts and explore the trickiest topics of faith, free from pressure and judgment.